Bronwen Fleetwood was born in South Africa, raised in New Jersey, and is now returning to South Africa, making her some kind of doubling-back expat. A #rexpat? Something like that. She writes books for young adults because those have always been, and often still are, the books that have made the biggest impact on her. She’s always been fascinated by fairy tales and myths, and always wanted to know why so many female characters get the short end of the stick in such stories–and in life in general. It must be all that “GIRL POWER” messaging in her youth.

She studied creative writing at Eugene Lang, The New School for Liberal Arts. Her leadership in the Princeton Writing Group and NaNoWriMo: Central New Jersey has resulted in increased membership, strong community, and several books published. Bronwen is a member of SCBWI and she hosts #RPmyBook on Twitter, Saturdays at 18:00 UTC+0, a chat where writers answer questions as their characters.

She is currently seeking representation.