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Grimm 108. Hans-My-Hedgehog

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Holy cow, I was not expecting to stumble across this. I came across the mere mention of a “hedgehog princess” and immediately had to look it up. I didn’t find a hedgehog princess, but I did find a half-human hedgehog boy who marries a princess! Yes, this requires some explanation. Let’s begin. Source: Summary Like so many fairy tale …

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#RPmyBook: a chat for writers

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I realize I never made an announcement here, so here goes. I’m hosting a weekly Twitter chat for writers, called #RPmyBook. RP stands for role-play, and the idea is that writers answer questions as their characters would. What’s the benefit to writers? Character development, darling. Writers already spend a lot of time developing their characters, often with the help of …

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I’m a finalist for the 2017 Rosemary Award!

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This is the second major good news of the last couple of weeks. I actually learned about it around the same time I got into #QueryKombat (Round 2 Entry), but didn’t want to say anything until finalists were announced. The Rosemary is an award given by the Young Adult Special Interest Chapter of Romance Writers of America (YARWA), “for excellence …

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I’m in #QueryKombat 2017!

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I was selected for QueryKombat! QK is a contest where queries and novel excerpts are pitted against each other, bracket-style, until the strongest query is reached. I’m on Laura Heffernan’s team, competing with the query for IN HER OWN SKIN, my YA selkie novel. As of last night I officially survived Round 1 and made it to the stage where …