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The value of chatting

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A few weeks ago Ms. Lovett (@lovettromance) urged me and some of the others in our writing group to hop into a Twitter chat (#rwchat, more on that later). She’s become very involved, not only in participating but in helping to organize and run these weekly chat sessions. Until now I’d been watching from the sidelines, seeing just her part …

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No Such Thing as Wasted Writing

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It’s a common lament. “I’ve already done all this work! Now I have to backtrack and throw it out.” My friend, you are not Penelope perpetually unraveling her weaving at night so she can redo the exact same section the next day. Penelope never wanted to move forward, she had an island’s worth of dickish suitors to keep at bay. …

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You might think this is a NaNoWriMo-only rule, and you would be wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. When you write, your brain is working. Sometimes it associates ideas that don’t belong together. Maybe you realize at some point that, cool as laser beam-blasting unicorns are, they don’t belong in the current MS. Your first instinct may be to delete said unicorns. …

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When I was a little girl, I looked for echoes of myself on television. I didn’t do this consciously, but looking back I can clearly identify what I was doing. Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers? I liked Gadget. Tail Spin? Rebecca. Rugrats? Lil. Batman? Harley Quinn. Pick a show with a mixed-sex cast and I went straight for the girl character. …

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The 100 Page Slump

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Whaddaya know? 14 chapters and approximately 100 pages in, I hit a slump. There’s this theory that says that about 100 pages into a novel, most people hit a wall. It’s around the 20-25k mark. Coincidentally, this is typically in the second week of NaNoWriMo, when things start to get Hard. A lot of people quit around this point. They …

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#NaNoPrep: The Pacemaker

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While checking out the competition browsing our neighbor regions I came across a link to The Pacemaker. It’s a super nifty little words-per-day calculator. Set your target word total, designate when you’ll be most and least productive, and voila! For a while now I’ve been interested in trying ‘reverse NaNo’, as its been dubbed. That means starting with high output, …

In Defense of Fanfiction for Aspiring Writers

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I haven’t written fanfiction in years, but there was a time when it played a big role in my life. Way back in the dark ages, also known as the late 90s, early 00s, I was a tween. We weren’t called tweens then, that slang hadn’t become popular yet. I had a good friend, a teenager, who lived a few …

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Seven Seven Seven (2015)

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I’ve been tagged for the 7/7/7/ #PitchWars Challenge by Verna Austen. Here are the rules: Go to page 7 of your WIP. Scroll down to Line 7. Share the next 7 sentences in a blog post. After the excerpt, tag 7 other writers to continue the challenge. Here we see Janine facing off against Constance, leader of the Youth Group. …

Plot Points for Characters

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Last week Writer Unboxed ran a piece called How to Craft a Page-Turning Plot by Cathy Yardley. While I was reading, something clicked in my brain.  The article is rather long, but the relevant part is under item 1. Apologies for such a long quote, but it’s totally worth reading the rest of the article. Essentially, Yardley is reframing the elements …

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Alanna, Tamora and Me

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When I made the transition from picture books to middle grade I devoured everything in my path. Amelia Bedelia. Mrs. Piggly-Wiggly. The Egypt Game. All of the American Girl series. Most of the Babysitters Club–we’re talking twenty books at a time. I was voracious, because I was still searching for something. When I was twelve, I found it. Tamora Pierce’s In …

But, Therefore, Then – Plot Connectors

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This is one of my favorite tidbits, made ever-cooler by its origin. It’s a trick that comes from the writers of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. I first learned of it from the documentary about how an episode gets made, 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park. The WriteOnSisters blogged about it recently, and they have a …

Central Casting

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On Writer Unboxed there’s a post called Central Casting by David Corbett. I find the premise a little alarming. Quoting Gore Vidal: [E]very writer has a given theater in his head, a repertory company. Shakespeare has fifty characters, I have ten, Tennessee has five, Hemingway has one, Beckett is busy trying to have none. You are stuck with your repertory company and …

Battling Egos in Romance

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I read a lot of blog posts on writing, thanks to Twitter. A lot of the information is on repeat, but not The Ego Struggle: The Core of the Romance Storyline posted by AndreaJWenger. I think this post has some solid insight. When it comes to romance, it’s about battling egos. It’s about changing in order to make the relationship work. That’s character arc …

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Adaptation Displacement

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This is a concept I heard about years ago and have never forgotten. It’s kind of fascinating. TV Tropes defines adaptation displacement as: Adaptation displacement is the phenomenon by which a derivative work becomes successful enough to overshadow the original work completely. Not to be confused with the “Weird Al” effect: When a work is displaced by a parody, this is …

A story without conflict…

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…well, that’s just not a story. Conflict is essential to story. Without it, there’s nothing to tell. It’s just, “Two ducks existed. They lived in harmony. The end.” Yesterday I got a beta reader request that began with, “It is a romance story that has no conflict, just pure adorableness.” What this writer meant was that the story contained no …