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Trigger Warnings, Big Data, and Building a Better Search Engine

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There’s a lot of discussion these days about trigger warnings and how they should be handled. I don’t have any triggers, but I know some wonderful people who do. (Just like racism and homophobia, being a jerk can be cured by getting to know people.) I have a thought. A theory. A proposal, if you will. It’s about using technology to …

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Scrivener and Story Genius

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It’s well established that Scrivener is a great tool for writers. You might not be aware of how well it integrates with other writing tools and systems. For this, there are Scrivener templates. A template is a collection of Binder items that are arranged and pre-filled with content to help you on your way. I’ve downloaded many templates over the …

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Scrivener – Changing Index Card Summary Text Size

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This has been driving me crazy for months: how do you change the size of text in Scrivener’s Inspector? Today, Celal Öney provided the answer. He calls himself a Scrivener Expert, and he really does know his stuff. Control over the Inspector Turns out, the part that looks like an index card is still considered part of the Corkboard, even when …

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#NaNoPrep: The Pacemaker

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While checking out the competition browsing our neighbor regions I came across a link to The Pacemaker. It’s a super nifty little words-per-day calculator. Set your target word total, designate when you’ll be most and least productive, and voila! For a while now I’ve been interested in trying ‘reverse NaNo’, as its been dubbed. That means starting with high output, …

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Scrivener Image Cards

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Scrivener does a lot of nifty things. I think most people are aware by now that it has a cork board/index card function. Each text file has an accompanying information card, where you can put things like a description of what the file contains. These cards can then be displayed en mass and drag-and-dropped to reorder them. This is, as …

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Scrivener Color Coding Pt. 2: Icons

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In Part One of this mini-series I shared how I use Label colors to show progress of my documents. This worked really well for me during UNCHURCHED, which is a single POV. My trouble began when I started work on GISELLE, which has two POVs. Sure, I could use my original color coding method to track who was speaking, but …

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Scrivener Color Coding Pt. 1: Labels

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A few months back, I shared this tweet: Trying a new approach to revising in @ScrivenerApp #amwriting #amrevising #amgettingdesperate — Bronwen Fleetwood (@bronniesway) April 13, 2015 It was retweeted by @Scrivener and is my most successful post, proving that funny sells almost as well as sex. For the uninitiated, Scrivener is software designed specifically for managing large writing projects, …

Solution: Scrivener files won’t open

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I had a wee heart attack earlier this week when my Scrivener project wouldn’t open on my laptop. I bounce between a Mac at work and a PC at home, using Dropbox to keep them synched, and up to now I hadn’t had much of a problem doing so. I was having trouble Googling for a solution, so now that …