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Getting on our way 

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I’m sitting in a rental minivan, having dropped off the last of our cars with its new owner this morning. My apartment is being disassembled by highly competent movers. My bags are packed.  Today is Moving Day 1. My apartment gets packed  up and tonight we drive to the airport hotel for a decent night’s sleep before our 11am flight …

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The Unexpecteds: Unsubscribing

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My mom is super organized, so she made her moving checklist before I did, and I got to crib off hers. One of the categories was “subscriptions.” She meant magazine subscriptions. Services like AAA and AARP. That sort of thing. I only subscribe to Writer’s Digest these days, and I get that digitally, so I crossed the whole idea off …

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So I’m going to be a #rexpat

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Here’s how my bio now begins: Bronwen Fleetwood was born in South Africa, raised in New Jersey, and is now returning to South Africa, making her some kind of doubling-back expat. A #rexpat? Something like that. Everything’s finalizing now–the move is official. It’s happening. I’m leaving the country where I grew up for the country I was born in. I’m …