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Scrivener Color Coding Pt. 2: Icons

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In Part One of this mini-series I shared how I use Label colors to show progress of my documents. This worked really well for me during UNCHURCHED, which is a single POV. My trouble began when I started work on GISELLE, which has two POVs. Sure, I could use my original color coding method to track who was speaking, but …

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Scrivener Color Coding Pt. 1: Labels

In Tech Support by Bronwen2 Comments

A few months back, I shared this tweet: Trying a new approach to revising in @ScrivenerApp #amwriting #amrevising #amgettingdesperate — Bronwen Fleetwood (@bronniesway) April 13, 2015 It was retweeted by @Scrivener and is my most successful post, proving that funny sells almost as well as sex. For the uninitiated, Scrivener is software designed specifically for managing large writing projects, …