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Unexpecteds: Travel Checklists 

In Progress, The Wider World by Bronwen2 Comments

I’m a list maker. I love pulling order out of chaos. And I love my dear friend, Google, for providing me with starter lists. My mother is also a list maker and I got to crib off her lists for the Leaving part of this move. But my Google Fu is failing me. I am failing to find lists, or even …

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To-Do List Paralysis

In Progress by BronwenLeave a Comment

I have a day planner, a physical one, quite a beautiful one, that I have not touched in months. It started well, with lots of good intentions. Then I reached a point where I was just lucky to make it through the day and maintaining the planner fell by the wayside. For The Move I have a rather extensive list …

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Scrivener Image Cards

In Giselle, Tech Support by Bronwen2 Comments

Scrivener does a lot of nifty things. I think most people are aware by now that it has a cork board/index card function. Each text file has an accompanying information card, where you can put things like a description of what the file contains. These cards can then be displayed en mass and drag-and-dropped to reorder them. This is, as …