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How I Organize My Writing Files

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Seeing as I love spreadsheets, are you surprised that I keep my digital files relatively well-ordered? I just saw yet another post from someone lamenting that she’s working on Draft Number “FinalNoReallyThisTimeForSureIMeanItEtc”for the millionth time. I don’t do that, because I have a filing system. We’ll start with folders, then file names. Storage Home I use Dropbox, but there are …

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Productivity: Co-working and write-ins

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There was a time after college when my friend Vijay and I had a lack of external structure. There was no more school, and work was hard to find. So we would meet at a local library to work on our writing together. We spent our days working in studious silence, jockeying to reserve private study rooms, and then we’d …