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What I Read, Part 1: Blogs

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There’s been a bunch of talk in my spheres lately about what folks are reading to learn about their craft. I found a bunch of new things to explore, and I figure I should share. This week I’ll post about the blogs I follow, and later I’ll go into the books I love. RSS Feeds and Readers RSS stands for …

Plot Points for Characters

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Last week Writer Unboxed ran a piece called How to Craft a Page-Turning Plot by Cathy Yardley. While I was reading, something clicked in my brain.  The article is rather long, but the relevant part is under item 1. Apologies for such a long quote, but it’s totally worth reading the rest of the article. Essentially, Yardley is reframing the elements …

Central Casting

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On Writer Unboxed there’s a post called Central Casting by David Corbett. I find the premise a little alarming. Quoting Gore Vidal: [E]very writer has a given theater in his head, a repertory company. Shakespeare has fifty characters, I have ten, Tennessee has five, Hemingway has one, Beckett is busy trying to have none. You are stuck with your repertory company and …