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Monster Novel Structure Print & eBook Mockup

The Monster Novel Structure Workbook

How to plot without getting stuck! eBook available now.

Write a Novel Curriculum print mockup

Write a Novel Curriculum

25 books you should read to help you write your novel. Free!

Monster Groups print book mock up, coming soon

The Monster Guide to Writing Groups

Everything about finding, joining, running, and starting a group.

Novel Structure Workbook

How to Plot and Not Get Stuck

The Monster Novel Structure Workbook: How to Plot Without Getting Stuck

21 distinct beats to guide you through your novel. More than just the the inflexible Hero’s Journey, the Monster Workbook takes you through the most popular character arc—a positive one with a (mostly) happy ending—to maximize your book’s emotional satisfaction. With the aid of step-by-step explanations, examples, and analysis, you’ll understand how and why the structure works. And also how it can be broken and still work.

The book is enhanced with downloads, including printable and editable PDFs, a Scrivener template, and a NaNoWriMo calendar.

21 Beats to a Better Novel

Know where you’re going, before the first draft or during revision.

No More Muddy Middle

The bane of every writer, you can see now clearly see what to do next.

Emotionally Satisfying

Take your Protagonist, and your reader, on a journey of self-discovery.

Downloads include

  • PDF Structure Chart
  • PDF & DOCX Worksheets for printing and saving
  • Workbook Questions in DOCX format
  • PDF Example Worksheets for 7 stories
  • Scrivener Template
  • List Item

A Taste of Act I

Praise from Reviewers


Write a Novel Curriculum

25 Texts To Get You Writing

Want to write a novel but you’re not sure where to start? Start here! The Curriculum directs you to my 25 favorite resources for mindset, planning, writing, and publication.

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What you'll get

  • The Write a Novel Curriculum with links to 25 books and texts
  • Monthly updates on upcoming Monster projects
  • The latest entries from my blog
  • Opportunities to beta test and provide feedback

Writing Groups

Coming soon!

Making writing groups easy

Finding a writing group can be tough. You have to know other writers with similar goals and free time.

What if you could go to one database to find all the writing groups in your area or genre?

What if you wanted to start a writing group? How would you know what to do?

And once you have a group, what do you do?

Sign up to learn about
and the accompanying searchable database!

What you'll get

  • Freebie: Seven Tips For Joining a Writing Group
  • Exclusive early access to chapters
  • Opportunity to beta read the complete book
  • Beta test the database before it goes live
  • Progress updates on the project
  • Pre-order notifications
  • Special discounts

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