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70,000 word YA Contemporary Fantasy with a f/f subplot. Guided by a memory of her mother walking into the ocean, never to return, Emily seeks out family she never knew existed in Nova Scotia. IHOS won second place in the 2017 Rosemary Award from YARWA.

At sixteen, Emily is an extraordinarily fast varsity swimmer, until one day the chlorine burns like acid and she nearly drowns. Unable to swim in the pool again, she hears voices calling her into the ocean. A long-submerged memory of her mother walking into the sea, never to return, floats to the surface. Hunting for proof her mother didn’t die in a car accident like her father said, Emily uncovers a bundle of old letters from friends and family she’s never heard of. They all have the same return address: an island in Nova Scotia. When her father refuses to answer her questions, Emily sneaks away to Canada over winter break—alone.

But when Emily arrives her supposed family won’t talk to her and they threaten to send her packing. Her only help comes from Fiona, a seventeen-year-old activist whose friendship provides the intimacy Emily has always lacked. After days of cat-and-mouse, Fiona reveals the island’s secret: they’re both daughters of selkies, a species of Scottish seal shape-shifters. The selkies’ isolation protects them from fur hunters, but temptation draws some to human company. Eventually, they return to the sea, leaving behind any half-human children. Children like Emily.

With time running out before school starts, and her romantic feelings for Fiona getting stronger, Emily fights for the truth about her mother, and whether she willingly abandoned her. When Emily’s attempt to become a selkie herself puts the island’s inhabitants in danger from pelt hunters, she must choose between an ordinary human life cut off from the fleeing selkies, or a solution that will save the selkies and trap her as a seal forever.


66,000 word YA Contemporary: A teen atheist rebels against her father’s new religion that wants to make her into a purity princess. Janine faces off against religious leaders in her school, her town, and in her pants. UNCHURCHED is comparable to Easy A and Saved!


68,000 word YA Contemporary Fantasy: Giselle has a burning need for revenge, but if she accepts ghost-queen Myrthe’s help, she’ll be doomed to serve her forever. Inspired by the ballet Giselle, PETIT MAL is a written in alternating POVs.

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YA Fantasy: A cat thief overthrows an empire. Twice. Work in progress.