Screenshot 2015-10-30 11.20.11

#NaNoPrep: The Pacemaker

While checking out the competition browsing our neighbor regions I came across a link to The Pacemaker. It’s a super nifty little words-per-day calculator.

Set your target word total, designate when you’ll be most and least productive, and voila!

Screenshot 2015-10-30 11.20.11

For a while now I’ve been interested in trying ‘reverse NaNo’, as its been dubbed. That means starting with high output, and slowly decreasing until you only have a handful of words due on the last day. I also told the Pacemaker that I’d be able to do more on weekends, and that I’d be incapacitated on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

This kind of tool is pretty freakin’ amazing. It’s fabulous for planning, taking that wretched math out of the equation (badumbump). I already feel more prepared.



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