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NaNoWriMo, Day 3

So, how’s that fancy graph thing working out? Not. So. Hot.

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As you can see, I’m well below the plan. But, Days 1 and 2 both managed to beat the daily minimums, so there’s that.

Day 1 was a blast. We held a midnight KOP at a diner and I wrote over a thousand in less than an hour of warring. But, sleep was a distinct issue. My bedtime these days is 10:30 to read, 11:15 to be conked out. So getting home and to bed by 2:30am did a number on me. And then I was up to be at the coffee shop at 10am for all the morning birds. I’m some kind of masochist. I did finish the day with 3,268 words, though. Then I spent the evening playing catch up. Work has ordered me to take a class which is a good 15+ hours a week of class time and homework. I had missed Saturday’s class (Halloween wedding!) and had to watch the video from that class then try to do the homework.

Day 2 was much trickier. I was still trying desperately to finish my homework before class that night. I got maybe an hour and a half to write, but I managed to bump my count over 4,500.

Today I’ll be happy if I can meet The Pacemaker’s goal for Day 1, which was 5,594. That’ll still put me above the minimum of 5000 for today. The goal after hitting that will be 6,666, tomorrow’s minimum. That would be 1,100 for the day. Next goal is 1667 for the day, or  7,261. Stretch goal is 8,298, which is where the Pacemaker says I should’ve been on Day 2.

See? I have manageable, chunky goals. And that’s how you motivate yourself. Small achievements. Before you know it I’ll be tackling 10k.

I do have homework but I’ll worry about it tonight. Today is for work and squeezing in writing. And I do mean squeezing.

How are things going story-wise? Well, I’m in the 4th chapter. Which, if you do the math, gives me just a little over 1k per chapter. If I keep that up, I’m going to run out of story at 45k because I’ve only planned 45 chapters. At which point I’ll have to start inventing like mad, because this novel is supposed to be over 60k. I’m really hoping things start bulking up soon.


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