NaNoWriMo: Eyeing the Finish Line

Today I broke 44k, which means my win is within the week. According to the official site calculations, I’ll finish on the 25, which is a very comfortable win and right on target for my goal of 55k by the end of the month.

Oh yes, I may finish early but I will still be writing.

In fact, I’ll be writing even after that. I want to finish this, the first draft of GISELLE. (Which still needs a better title.)

Something interesting has happened to this draft. In transitioning the story from New Adult to Young Adult, I wound up with some middle chapters that I didn’t have ready replacements for. So I left them blank and figured if I had something to go there when I reached them, I would write them. I didn’t, so I skipped over them and kept going. Now I’m in the last third, and along the way I’ve been making notes for what should go into those middle chapters.

I find I quite like this.

As I move toward the finish there are things that crop up–I need to mention something, firm up some other thing, make sure something else gets some airtime. Leaving just 3 chapters in the middle to percolate is making a lot of sense. Instead of trying to shoehorn these items in later, there’s designated wiggle room. The missing chapters are starting to take shape.

I may make an effort to do this deliberately in the future.

Image by akunamatata at Flickr.


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