Saying Goodbye to My Writing Group

I love my writing group. I built my writing group, and was tremendously fortunate to have attracted an amazing crew of people.

Maybe the best part is that they’re not worried about the group itself even though I’m leaving. When I was an RA they talked to us about “working your way out of a job” and this is that. These people are motivated, generous to each other, and friendly. I have full confidence that they’re going to keep going.

Last night we had my going away party. A whole bunch of my favorite people came, and we had margaritas and laughter and hugs.

I am going to miss this so much. These people, the routine, the friendly atmosphere, the creativity.

I owe this group a lot. I first got involved because I was a few years out of college, under employed, and realized I wasn’t writing. I needed some motivating factor, some structure, accountability. I found that here. I completed two novels (one query-able, the other not). I found great critique partners. I got insight into corners of the writing world I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I’ve learned so much during these years. I feel really qualified now, in a way I didn’t even coming out of school with a degree in writing. I put a lot of time and effort in, and this group helped keep me on track.

Saying goodbye is painful, but it is not the end. We’re already planning ways to stay in touch on the regular.

I’m proud to have been part of this group. I will miss it, and everyone in it.

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