Unexpecteds: Travel Checklists 

I’m a list maker. I love pulling order out of chaos. And I love my dear friend, Google, for providing me with starter lists. My mother is also a list maker and I got to crib off her lists for the Leaving part of this move.

But my Google Fu is failing me. I am failing to find lists, or even blogs, that suit my upcoming situation.

Here’s how it’s going to work. My parents will be purchasing a house, but we haven’t lined  one up yet. (There’s The One, but it may not be available.) So, for at least a few months, we have to rent a furnished place. Additionally, our household goods are being shipped by freight, and that could take at least 6 weeks to cross the ocean, plus customs, plus storage on either end. We pretty much won’t have access to any of it until it goes into the mystery house.

That means I have to pack for:

  • Two++ months, total unknown
  • A change of seasons (it’ll be late winter when we arrive, moving into spring)
  • A furnished rental situation
  •  A wedding, just in case (February!)
  • Christmas in the summer
  • The plane, personal item (backpack)
  • The plane, carry on (good to have in reach, only essential if the cargo is lost)
  • The plane, checked bags (so far, a duffel and two suitcases stand ready)
  • Storage: Household items that will only be released when the new house is secured
  • Long term storage: Stuff that won’t see daylight again until I get my own place, hahahahaha, I’m freelancing, I need a sugardaddy

There are plenty of things that are obvious. I can survive without my desktop PC for a few months because my laptop is well acquitted. My couch is going into storage unless the house is big enough for it. I will have an immediate need for clean underwear. There are also rules, such as no items under pressure–who wants my dry shampoo?!

It’s the other stuff that gets you. Like, it just occurred to me tonight: where do my cosmetics go? I am not a big make up user, but I have a good supply. A lot of it old enough to ditch entirely. If I put it in the ship it could be ruined in the heat, and I might end up buying more while I wait for it. So, it needs to come with me. In the checked luggage. …Yes, pretty much all of it.

Panic Mode: Where am I going  to fit everything!?

Also a consideration: How do you move three people and 10 suitcases through a airport?! And, how will we get it all home in my aunt’s compact car?! I foresee a wagon train… A literal welcome wagon…

(And no, it isn’t cheaper to mail things to ourselves. Also, the government mail in South Africa is terrible and we would have to use something like FedEx.)

Part of me wants to travel light. There are washing machines, damnit. It’ll be chilly and I’ll mix and match layers.

Then I realize things like omgmakeup and the bags I’m set with don’t seem nearly enough.

This is quite literally keeping me up at night. I’m drafting this at 4am. (Soon to be known as 10am!)

Also, I think a dealership is low-balling me because I’m a girl. My car is worth way more than their offer. cracks knuckles But that’s a story for another post.

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