Unexpecteds: When $#!& happens

This is not so much an informational post, because I have little in the way of information. It’s a venting post. Because my mother is sick.

A few weeks ago she started feeling nauseas, every day. She got progressively weaker and then went to the doctor, who thought it might be pancreatitis. Her bloodwork had some interesting numbers so then they thought hepatitis. Further bloodwork revealed that her kidneys were 90% offline, and she needed a specialist.

Normally, when the kidneys are in such a state, they bundle you off to hospital ASAP. And yet, my mother. Still functioning in all the important ways. So they waited til she saw the specialist.

Me: If I were you, I would pack a little baggie, because they’re going to send you to the hospital.

Mom: Noooo…

The specialist declared the need for a biopsy, which could only be done the following Monday, and so she ordered Mom to be admitted for the weekend to rehydrate, observe, and get her in the best state possible for said biopsy.

Today is the Monday of the biopsy. It’s changed from a kidney biopsy, to a bone marrow biopsy, based on the now-daily bloodwork. We’re supposed to have all the results together and a diagnosis on Wednesday.

There are a bunch of scary things it could be, but the doctors have reassured us that all of them, including the Big C, are highly treatable. That is the upside.

There are many downsides. Like, we no longer have a leave date. It’s pushed back at least to the end of September. Depending on what it is, we may have to stay here while she’s treated. I turned in my notice at work last week. This week I may have to revise that. Pretty confident they’ll be happy to have me stay while they look for a new hire, but it’s nice to know. 

Also, all our stuff will be in storage. Fees will rack up. We still won’t have a house. Instead we’ll be eating into money that’s supposed to go toward a house.

My poor father is freaking out in an not-very-freaky way. He’s feeling discombobulated (his word). In his chain of thoughts he’s getting tied up in What Ifs and even forgetting that the house has sold. He’s also really scared for my mother. They are soulmates, and losing her would wreck him.

We have wonderful friends who have offered to help. So we’re okay in the short-term. It’s the long-term that’s so worrying.

Hanging in there.

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