Getting on our way 

I’m sitting in a rental minivan, having dropped off the last of our cars with its new owner this morning. My apartment is being disassembled by highly competent movers. My bags are packed. 

Today is Moving Day 1. My apartment gets packed  up and tonight we drive to the airport hotel for a decent night’s sleep before our 11am flight tomorrow morning. 

It’s been a weird final week, with lots of goodbyes to wonderful people. I hope a good number of them will make it down to visit. It’s a long way, and it’s expensive, but it’s also one of the most amazing places to see. So here’s hoping we get to share it firsthand. 

Right now I’m too tired to be nervous. I got a good deal of sleep last night but I could really use a nap. There’s an undercurrent of static behind everything, as there has been for weeks. Adrenaline waiting at the ready. 

It’s hard to believe the big stuff is actually here. Hard to imagine what it will be like to not be here for an indefinite amount of time. I don’t know how long I will stay in South Africa or if I will come back here or go somewhere else entirely. So many possibilities. 

And now, let’s see about a nap in this mediocre minivan. 

Pictured: My movers arrange stuff on the sidewalk before moving it to the truck. Good thing nobody is home yet. 


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