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Guest Post on #RWchat: Evoking Emotion

Join #RWchat for Evoking Emotion on Sept 11, 2016I’ve got a guest post up on this week! #RWchat is a weekly Twitter chat for romance writers. Each week that I participate I come away feeling more prepared to tackle whatever my current project is.

Here’s a preview:

You might think we read for artful plots, or to meet memorable characters, but both will fall flat if they don’t inspire emotions in the reader. This is especially true in romance, which promises to provide an emotional experience with a satisfying HEA. How to evoke emotion is a vast topic, but here are some tips to get your heart fluttering.

Identify the Emotion
What do you want the reader to feel? Anger at a character, joy at an outcome, sadness over a loss? For every scene, make a note to yourself of what the reader should be feeling. Some scenes may have more than one emotion, or have an emotional arc.

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