Rosemary Finalist

I’m a finalist for the 2017 Rosemary Award!

This is the second major good news of the last couple of weeks. I actually learned about it around the same time I got into #QueryKombat (Round 2 Entry), but didn’t want to say anything until finalists were announced.

The Rosemary is an award given by the Young Adult Special Interest Chapter of Romance Writers of America (YARWA), “for excellence in YA and NA fiction.”

My selkies are being called excellent!! One of three!


Just a little excited over here.

Winners will be announced July 26 at the RWA National Conference in Orlando. I won’t be able to attend (due to that being halfway around the world business). I’ve done the math and it’s really not feasible. Sigh. I would love to be there for this, as it’s undoubtedly my biggest writing accomplishment to date.

I almost didn’t enter this year, because I didn’t think the romance in IN HER OWN SKIN was strong enough to warrant it. But, it turns out the Rosemary isn’t for strictly romantic fiction. I saw a tweet about it a few days before the deadline and threw my hat in. Stroke of luck!

I’m still stunned by this and the QK selection. All I can do is profess my profound thanks to my little team of brainstormers and crit partners. You helped me get here. I should take you all out to lunch. Virtual lunch. Or something.

Here’s to more good news in the future!

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