#RPmyBook: a chat for writers

I realize I never made an announcement here, so here goes. I’m hosting a weekly Twitter chat for writers, called #RPmyBook. RP stands for role-play, and the idea is that writers answer questions as their characters would.

What’s the benefit to writers? Character development, darling. Writers already spend a lot of time developing their characters, often with the help of questionnaires. These typically ask things like ‘who were your parents?’ and ‘what are you afraid of?’ They can help a writer tease out good information.

#RPmyBook is designed to get at that information, while also opening writers to the questions of other writers. Interaction between writers-as-characters can be enlightening. A role-play partner will prod you to think more deeply about things you took for granted.

The chat is every Saturday at 18:00 UTC+0. Check out the Twitter account and web page for the week’s topic and an archive of all previous questions.

In other news, I’ve set up a Projects page with a little blurb about books I have in progress, community activities I’m involved in, and a record of publications.


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