Second Place in the YARWA Rosemary Contest!

All day I’ve been on tenterhooks. The last week has had an element of the surreal. The last month even more so.

Today the winners and finalists for the Young Adult Romance Writers of America’s 2017 Rosemary contest were announced.

My manuscript, IN HER OWN SKIN, won second place!

(I’m sorry if you’ve never seen the Yatta video before. You need to. It is SFW and very, very silly.)

(Yatta means ‘I/you/we did it!’ in Japanese.)

I am over the moon. I haven’t had such strong external validation in a long time, so this means a lot to me. I never expected my entry to go anywhere, so all this is icing.

Super awesome icing.

I want to say thank you to my amazing brainstorming buddies, CPs and beta readers for helping me get here. Thank you.


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