Pre-Order The Monster Novel Structure Workbook Now!

It’s finally here! THE MONSTER NOVEL STRUCTURE WORKBOOK is available for pre-order, releasing on September 15, 2018!

Beta readers agree, this book will change the way you novel.

“I feel like I’ve won the novel-writing lottery! For the first time I feel like I have the tools and knowledge to do this thing; to actually see my novels to completion. I woke up this morning, not only inspired and excited to work on my WIPs, but empowered.”

“Amazing! The most useful downloads EVER. I think it’s doable without them, but why? And the Scrivener template. I am dying! I feel like someone is holding my hand and saying, you can do this. Baby steps! And the steps are all spelled out so clearly. The downloads put an already fantastic novelling resource over the top.”

“Best resource I’ve ever seen for novel writing. I know it sounds like I’m gushing, but I truly mean it. I will definitely be leaving reviews and recommending it to every writer I know.”

What’s Included

The ebook, which will teach you the 21 Beats of Novel Structure and how to use them. Includes examples, analysis, how to pants using the Monster, how to plot with a full walk-through of an example story, and how to revise.

The downloads, including the chart, worksheets, questions to ask about your story, a Scrivener template, and a NaNoWriMo 2018 calendar.

Click here to purchase from your favorite estore:

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Getting stuck in the Muddy Middle of your novel is no fun. But there’s a scaffolding for how your novel should be built–that’s what makes it a novel.

The Monster Novel Structure Workbook: How to Plot Without Getting Stuck comes with downloadable worksheets, examples, and even a Scrivener template.


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