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Podcast Recommendations for Writers

Updated 10/29/20

Given a choice between text, audio, and video, I’ll pick text 98% of the time. But there are times when audio is a godsend, like when I’m cooking or in the shower. (Showering is boring!) Since I don’t have endless hours for listening, I’m highly selective about what I subscribe to.

Here’s what I’m listening to now:

DIY MFA Radio – Host Gabriela Pereira interviews a wide range of authors about craft and motivation. Gabriela is so enthusiastic and asks great questions of her guests. No matter your genre or interest you’ll find an interviewee and topic to interest you. (And yes, I’m a columnist for the DIY MFA site so full disclosure there. I was a listener long before I signed on.)

LeVar Burton Reads – Remember Reading Rainbow? Now LeVar Burton reads short fiction for adults on a weekly basis! I don’t actually listen to this as much as I should, because short fiction and I are not friends, but I’ve listened to enough to know this is a great selection for writers. LeVar is just as warm and wonderful as you remember, and he’s got such a passion for books and stories. The story selection is broad, with lots of diverse voices, including several by the award-winning N. K. Jemisin. If you miss being read to by someone who believes in you, this is the one.

Mom Writes – Take a peek inside the book coaching experience as two writers work on their novels with the help of book coach Jennie Nash. Season three deals with querying agents, and answers a lot of questions for writers new to that arena.

Print Run – Two literary agents discuss changes in the publishing industry at large, from publisher vs. Amazon to the role of agents in the current marketplace to whatever whacky thing is happening now. Topical and informative.  If you’re looking to publish traditionally, Laura and Erik are a must-listen. They also have a Patreon where they put out monthly bonus episodes with query and first page critiques if you’re looking for more targeted knowledge.

6-Figure Authors Podcast – The folks behind the SF&FMP (below) team up again to talk indie publishing, marketing, and cross-genre changes. They’re honest about money and ROI, which is always refreshing in this industry! If you’re curious about ads, writing to market, rapid release or just indie publishing in general give it a listen.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast (Archive) – Three indie SFF authors discuss changes to the indie publishing and marketing landscape. Whether or not you write SFF, if you’re indie you want to listen. I’ve learned a ton about audiobooks, paid advertising, and tons of little tips and tricks. (And yes, I started listening because I have an indie fantasy project in the works. Stay tuned!) 

Smart Podcast Trashy Books – A spin-off from the stellar Smart Bitches, Trashy Books site, this podcast primarily interviews romance authors about their craft and interests. Host Sarah Wendell is funny and so interested in interesting things that she’s a delight to listen to. There’s actually quite a bit of talk about writing process as well as the public perception of romance, making this great for all authors. (And don’t forget the bad jokes that end every episode!) Most recently Sarah interviewed Dr. Jen Gunter, “Twitter’s OB/GYN”, about her new book and TV show, and I loved every moment of the episode.

Writing Excuses – A team of all-star SFF writers create short episodes focusing primarily on writing craft. If you don’t have a lot of time this is a good one, because the episodes are usually around 20minutes and divided into 2-3 segments so it’s easy to take a break. The idea is that you can use it as an excuse from actually writing… but each episode reminds you that you’re now “out of excuses, so get writing.”

Like I said, it’s not a big list, but I think quality trumps quantity here.

What’s your favorite writing-related podcast?

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