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Print-at-home Monster Novel Structure Workbook!

With all this pandemic stuff going on I’ve had to postpone my plans for a print edition of The Monster Novel Structure Workbook. It’s something people wanted, and I promise it will happen one day when the shipping companies aren’t so overwhelmed.

In the meantime, I know there are lots of people who would benefit from hard copies, especially while we’re all home. That’s why I’ve added the PDF of the print edition to the download bundle, for a limited time. 

There is NO COST for this extra file.

I hope that you enjoy the new layout and consider buying the print edition when it’s available.


This file will be available only until an official print edition becomes feasible. I don’t know when that will be, but I’ll send an email reminder in advance of taking the file down. To make sure you don’t miss the reminder, you can join my mailing list. I send once every two weeks, and in addition to the free Write A Novel Curriculum, a new freebie is on the way.

This file is only for your use to print at home. Please don’t distribute this file to others.

How to get the new file:

When you purchase the ebook it includes a link (In Chapter 7: Resources) to download the files via Gumroad. If you created a Gumroad account you can log in and access them that way, otherwise you’ll need your email Receipt. Instructions are here.

If you haven’t yet purchased the ebook, find a retailer here.

Best wishes to everybody in this difficult time.

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