Grimm 198. Maid Maleen

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There’s a princess and a tower and a wedding, and yet this isn’t one of the more popular stories. Go figure. Source: SurLaLune Fairy Tales: Annotated Maid Maleen Synopsis Maid Maleen is the daughter of a king. She falls in love with a prince, but her father is against the marriage. Being a reasonable parent, he has a tower built and …

Twitter Chats for 5 Different Writers, a diyMFA Guest Post

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I’ve got another guest post on diyMFA! This week it’s about Twitter chats. #5onFri: Twitter Chats for 5 Different Writers Writing hashtags are hot right now. There are plenty of pages explaining them and what to look for, but who are these chats for? Here are five kinds of writers and the benefits they can gain from participating in a …

5 Reasons Writers Should Try Writing Fanfiction, a diyMFA Guest Post

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I have a guest post up on diyMFA this week! diyMFA is a site that encourages and guides writers to educate themselves, keep writing, keep reading, and grow their communities. I’ve followed the project for years and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it! 5 Reasons Writers Should Try Writing Fanfiction Hey, you, writer. Do you have …

Anderson: The Dryad

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My summary isn’t going to do this justice. Anderson writes evocatively of the setting and the people, and I’m just going to focus on the main plot. Here we go. Source: Summary In the countryside of France, a massive tree is felled. The villagers replace it with a young chestnut tree, which has a dryad living inside it. She is …

Backstory Hunting: Isolate and Count Highlighted Words in MS Word

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I recently went on a hunt for unnecessary backstory in my first 50 pages. Early backstory slows the pace right as readers are looking to dig into your story, not get bogged down with what already happened. Thanks to Margie Lawson and her EDITS system, I appreciate the importance of highlighting. And sure, you can highlight on paper, or you …

Grimm 122. Donkey Cabbages

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Doesn’t “donkey cabbages” sound like a kid’s insult? I’m not quite sure how to even summarize this one, it is that strange. Here we go anyway. Source: The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales (Knickerbocker Edition) Summary One day, a huntsman is walking around and comes upon an old woman. He’s kind to her, and so she blesses him with a magic cloak (travel …

Princess Time 

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The above screenshot is from the January 2017 issue of National Geographic, which focused on gender. The page pictured asks, Is dressing up as princesses ‘a normal girlie-girl phase’ or does it encourage girls to define themselves based on appearance and passivity? I don’t know about other little girls, but the appeal of ‘Princess’, for me, included power. How quickly …

Grimm 037. Thumbling

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Not Thumbelina, but the German answer to the English Tom Thumb. You may well know the gist of this one. Source: The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales (Knickerbocker Edition) Summary A lonely peasant couple wishes for a child. A boy is born to them, but he’s only as tall as a thumb, so they call him Thumbling. They are delighted to have him. …

Cinderella's coach turned into a gazebo

Fairy Tales on deck, starting Feb 28

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New project. In order to better familiarize myself with the fairy tale cannon, once a month I’m going to read and examine a fairy story. Preferably not super popular stories, I’m looking for unusual stuff. I want to do this for my own edification, and also to give my blogging some structure. I like fairy tales as a genre, and …

Happy V-DAY 2017

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Today is Valentine’s Day, but it’s also V-DAY. Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues are traditionally performed around this time of year, with the end goals of raising awareness of abuse against women and girls, and raising money for organizations that prevent and heal. In college I performed twice, and loved every minute of it. The first year I was the British …

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9 Things We Really Do When We Say We’re Writing

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I often get the question, “How is the writing going?” If I were to answer this strictly, meaning am I actually engaging in the act of writing down words, the answer would often be, “Ummmmm, I’ll get back to you on that.” I don’t write daily and when I do write it’s usually quickly. Because I do a lot of pre-work, untangling …

Counting Down 2016

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Hello, world. I’m still here. 2016 has been a really, really tough year for me. It’s been downright wretched for the world at large. I’m not sad to see it go. The Move is still in progress. We’ve bought a house that we move into in February, and life should settle into some kind of routine at that point. That …

Getting on our way 

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I’m sitting in a rental minivan, having dropped off the last of our cars with its new owner this morning. My apartment is being disassembled by highly competent movers. My bags are packed.  Today is Moving Day 1. My apartment gets packed  up and tonight we drive to the airport hotel for a decent night’s sleep before our 11am flight …

Unexpecteds: When $#!& happens

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This is not so much an informational post, because I have little in the way of information. It’s a venting post. Because my mother is sick. A few weeks ago she started feeling nauseas, every day. She got progressively weaker and then went to the doctor, who thought it might be pancreatitis. Her bloodwork had some interesting numbers so then …

Saying Goodbye to My Writing Group

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I love my writing group. I built my writing group, and was tremendously fortunate to have attracted an amazing crew of people. Maybe the best part is that they’re not worried about the group itself even though I’m leaving. When I was an RA they talked to us about “working your way out of a job” and this is that. …

The Unexpecteds: Unsubscribing

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My mom is super organized, so she made her moving checklist before I did, and I got to crib off hers. One of the categories was “subscriptions.” She meant magazine subscriptions. Services like AAA and AARP. That sort of thing. I only subscribe to Writer’s Digest these days, and I get that digitally, so I crossed the whole idea off …