Gundam Wing Rewatch: Episodes 13-15

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Episode 13: Catherine’s Tears Zechs is conducting a test run of Tallgeese by having his men fire anti-aircraft missiles at him. He shoots them right out of the air. Tallgeese is fast and deadly. Elsewhere, possibly Somalia, a battle is taking place, led by two OZ officers known as Alex and Meuller. The former Alliance base they’re attacking surrenders, but they …

Gundam Wing Rewatch: Episodes 10-12

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  Episode 10: Heero, Distracted by Defeat Recap With a title like that, you’d think the episode would be more… explodey. Treize and his people gather to debrief. Une does not like Zechs or Noin. She doesn’t like sharing Treize’s good opinion. She sees no reason for Treize to have to thank his own soldiers and that they are shameless in …

Gundam Wing Rewatch: Episodes 7-9

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And now time for another gundam story hour (and a half)! Episode 7: Scenario for Bloodshed Recap I told you this was getting darker. This episode can be summed up as, “Heero screws up MAJORLY.” Treize has managed to spread a rumor all across the Earth Sphere that there’s going to be a big meeting of OZ officials. All those …

Gundam Wing Rewatch: Episodes 4-6

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Still in fun intro times here. Let’s jump right in. Episode 4: The Victoria Nightmare Recap Lake Victoria is an Alliance training academy, as well as a mobile suit manufacturing base. Two hot targets in one. Wufei (05) heads straight for it. Zechs is tracking him, and makes plans to be there as well, though his new suit won’t be …

#PitchWars 2016 Mentee Bio: Return of the Bio

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Hello mentors and aspiring mentees! I’m Bronwen, host of this-here blog. I write YA that typically falls in the realms of contemporary, fantasy or historical, nearly always centering around a strong female lead. I volunteer with my local writing communities as an organizer because I believe in giving back, and in creating the things you want rather than waiting for …

Monster Structure Worksheet: The Text

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The last update to the Monster Structure Worksheet introduced a lot of text, so much so that I had to split it into two pages. A full-color version with notes, and a blank version for you to write in your own notes for your project. I think now’s a good time to go through that text and expand upon it …

Gundam Wing Rewatch: Episodes 1-3

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Let us commence with the rewatch! Episode 1: The Shooting Star She Saw Recap Five gundams descend to Earth. All land safely except for 01 (Heero) which is intercepted by OZ’s Lieutenant Zechs. The suit falls into the ocean and the pilot is presumed dead. Elsewhere, Relena and her father are returning from a trip to space, during which they …

Gundam Wing Rewatch: Prelude

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This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Gundam Wing Rewatch

I’ve been wanting to rewatch all of Gundam Wing, an anime first released in 1995, for quite a while now. This show had a big impact on me when it aired on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. In fact, I wrote copious amounts of fanfiction about it. Almost two decades have passed since I first saw it and my friends and …

#WIPjoy Collection, 2016 PETIT MAL

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The #WIPjoy hashtag and prompts were started by writer Bethany Jennings. It made for a really nice little community of people encouraging one another. The writing community at large is very supportive, and #WIPjoy was all about the love. The featured image above is the Father’s Day gift I gave to my dad this year. I commissioned a cover purely …

Monster Structure Worksheet v1.1

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Major updates to the Monster Structure Worksheet! What is the MSW? It’s a combination of novel structure theories into one chart to help you visualize what-all is supposed to happen and when. I’ve been reading K.M. Weiland’s Structuring Your Novel [amazon asin=0985780401&template=add to cart] and I highly recommend it. It’s a great step-by-step walk-through of  the parts of story structure. Weiland …

#RWchat prompt: How did you become a writer?

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This past Sunday’s question is an interesting one. We’re often asked why we write, but rarely how we got to this point. So here’s an overview of my steps along the way. I identify my earliest desires to write with the discovery of Tamora Pierce’s IN THE HAND OF THE GODDESS, the very first book of hers that I ever read. …

Rewatching the Wizard of Oz

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It seems like almost every book on writing craft makes at least one reference to The Wizard of Oz (the film, not the books), and it’s often a prominent example. I finally picked up Debra Dixon’s GOAL, MOTIVATION, CONFLICT, and she suggested a rewatch. This GMC is a concept I struggle with, I decided to take her up on it. [amazon …

What I Read, Part 1: Blogs

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There’s been a bunch of talk in my spheres lately about what folks are reading to learn about their craft. I found a bunch of new things to explore, and I figure I should share. This week I’ll post about the blogs I follow, and later I’ll go into the books I love. RSS Feeds and Readers RSS stands for …

New posts in your inbox, the magic is real

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Hopefully you’re reading this post in your inbox. If you are, that means I got my auto-emailer settings to work! Hooray! You’re subscribed to get an email every time I update. (If you change your mind you can always unsubscribe at the bottom of this email.) If you’re reading on the website, you can sign up for updates in the …

The Monster Structure Worksheet

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Today I’m going to introduce a little beastie I call The Monster Structure Worksheet. That led me to create my own. A full explanation of what I did and why can be found on the worksheet’s new home, a page specially made for it. Over time I’ll update it, and you can always get the latest version there. And because I …

The value of chatting

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A few weeks ago Ms. Lovett (@lovettromance) urged me and some of the others in our writing group to hop into a Twitter chat (#rwchat, more on that later). She’s become very involved, not only in participating but in helping to organize and run these weekly chat sessions. Until now I’d been watching from the sidelines, seeing just her part …


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You might think this is a NaNoWriMo-only rule, and you would be wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. When you write, your brain is working. Sometimes it associates ideas that don’t belong together. Maybe you realize at some point that, cool as laser beam-blasting unicorns are, they don’t belong in the current MS. Your first instinct may be to delete said unicorns. …

Bridget Jones and Chick Lit

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Or rather, an ode to Bridget. BRIDGET JONES helped keep my sanity intact on a very long flight. (Johannesburg to JFK is about 17+ hours.) I had bought it and THE EDGE OF REASON at the airport and I’m so glad I did. Every minute accounting of fat cells lost and gained reflected the tedious hours in the air. I fell in …