Notebook with 2018 Review written on it

2018 Year in Review

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I’m probably the last to the “Year in Review” party, but I have a good excuse! The mountain behind my house was on fire. Literally. See, where we live is very dry and fireworks are banned in the entire municipality. But, someone decided to celebrate the new year with a flare. It landed on the mountain. And spread. 11,000 hectares …

#AMMConnect: Fall 2018

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In October Author Mentor Match (AMM) will open to submissions from YA and MG writers! The program matches unagented writers with published and pre-published author mentors who help with revision and career strategy. To learn more about AMM, like how it works and how to enter, check out the AMM website and follow hashtags #AuthorMentorMatch, #AMMfam, and #AMMparty on Twitter. Here’s what’s in …